Swerve – Browser Game

swerve game

Swerve is a highly addictive one button driving game in which in which you race along a track, upgrading your car from an average everyday sedan to a ridiculously fast super car, whilst avoiding crashing into any barriers.

Best played in full screen mode, Swerve impresses with it’s stylish isometric low poly visuals addictive gameplay and catchy soundtrack. The gameplay is simple – just click the left mouse button to swerve left and click it again to swerve right, to navigate the twisty road. You can pick up packages for extra points, and every time you make it through a covered bridge your car will transform into something faster (and cooler).

The further you get the fancier the cars get and the faster you hurtle down the track. There is an end, but you’ll need some seriously good reflexes to reach it!

Controls: LMB – Swerve

Available On: All Browsers

Play Swerve Here

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