Swing Time – Downloadable Game

Swing Time

Swing Time is a charming little game that let’s you relive the simple pleasures of playing on a swing! (and a little playground violence)

You control a young girl who loves nothing more than a good swing.  All the other kids in the park are attempting to knock you off though – so you’ll just have to swing high and kick them in the face – that’ll teach them!

To fend off the attacking kids, you’ll have to swing high and fast, lose momentum and you’ll be vulnerable to their attacks and lose a life.  To swing you simply press the spacebar as you’re descending and release it as you go up, much as you would move your legs on a real swing.  You also have a rather nifty ability to slow down time – this not only slows time, but also dramatically increases your momentum, which comes in handy when you’re swinging a little low.

Swing Time is a fairly simple game, but also also a very enjoyable one.  Swing-kicking kids in the face is surprisingly good fun!

Controls:  Spacebar – Swing,  Shift – Slow Time/Increase Swing Power

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android

NOTE:  To swing, press the spacebar as you descend and release it as you ascend. Make sure you use the slow time effect too.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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