Swing Time

Swing Time is a charming little game that let’s you relive the simple pleasures of playing on a swing! (and a little playground violence)

You control a young girl who loves nothing more than a good swing.  All the other kids in the park are attempting to knock you off though – so you’ll just have to swing high and kick them in the face – that’ll teach them!

To fend off the attacking kids, you’ll have to swing high and fast, lose momentum and you’ll be vulnerable to their attacks and lose a life.  To swing you simply press the spacebar as you’re descending and release it as you go up, much as you would move your legs on a real swing.  You also have a rather nifty ability to slow down time – this not only slows time, but also dramatically increases your momentum, which comes in handy when you’re swinging a little low.

Swing Time is a fairly simple game, but also also a very enjoyable one.  Swing-kicking kids in the face is surprisingly good fun!

Controls:  Spacebar – Swing,  Shift – Slow Time/Increase Swing Power

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android

NOTE:  To swing, press the spacebar as you descend and release it as you ascend. Make sure you use the slow time effect too.

Download Swing Time Here (Pay What You Want or Free)