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Symmetry Game Download

Symmetry is a truly horrific Creepypasta inspired first person narrative game in which you play a woman who is completely obsessed with symmetry but has one physical ‘flaw’ – the color of her eyeballs don’t match.

In Symmetry you play a woman who lives in a stylish open plan house that she needs to keep absolutely symmetrical. This seems to be more than just obsessive-compulsive disorder, there’s a dark voice inside her, referred to as ‘it’, that urges her to keep everything in her life absolutely symmetrical. Obviously this makes relationships hard as they mess up the symmetry, but the worst problem is that YOU lack symmetry – you have one blue eye and one green one.

As you explore the house making everything symmetrical you get a hint of what’s to come (thanks to the biological textbooks open on the table with pictures of eyeballs on them), but nothing can prepare you for the horrors to come. When it comes to the ‘one last issue that must be dealt with’ you know you’re in for an ordeal as you grab a spoon and some scissors…

Symmetry is a repulsive, gory and nausea inducing experience that (ironically considering the subject matter) you can’t look away from. The audio and visual design is superb throughout too, especially the creepy voiceover that narrates the whole thing. A dark and disturbing little game that really gets under your skin, and surely winner of most grotesque QTE sequence of all time!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, Q/E/Spacebar – Do Some Horrible Things!

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Symmetry Here

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