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synth rider

Synth Rider is a very stylish little Unreal Engine powered futuristic racer and a cool synth soundtrack, in which you race down its undulating tracks and the aspect ratio is constantly changing.

Synth Rider is a fairly simple time attack racer, in which you race along the track as fast as possible whilst attempting to avoid crashing into crystals which slow you down. The soundtrack is good, but what makes Synth Racer unique though is the way that the aspect ratio of the gameplay constantly changes as you race – ranging from super wide screen to a vertical smart phone-style view. It’s an odd concept that makes no sense, but adds a lot of style and personality to the game. A clever idea that we’d love to see expanded upon in the future.

Controls: A/D – Left/Right, W – Accelerate, X – Brake

Available On: Windows Only

Download Synth Rider Here

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