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SYZYGY Game Download

SYZYGY is an entrancing and incredibly tough minimalist rhythm action game in which you time button presses as planets circle a sun.

The gameplay in SYZYGY is very simple, but very challenging, with you attempting to time spacebar presses as planets pass through an axis around the sun. You start off with one planet, but more planets are introduced as you progress, building up the beats in a song, but also making the game very hard in the process!

It’s an addictive little game that impresses with its stylish minimalist aesthetics and super cool Vangelis-esque synth soundtrack. You’ll need some serious precision timing to get very far in the game, but even when it gets impossible it’s still a beautiful thing to watch in motion.

Controls: Spacebar – Press As Planets Pass The Axis

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download SYZYGY Here

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