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MINDNIGHT – Download Game

MINDNIGHT is a Resistance-esque online multiplayer game of deception and deduction for 5 to 8 players, in which players attempt to figure out which of them are Hackers and Agents while fighting over control of nodes.

In MINDNIGHT players … Read More

Slender Man: Hide & Seek – Download Game

Slender Man Hide and Seek Game Download

Slender Man: Hide & Seek is a creepy first person horror that sees you attempting to locate seven lost pages whilst avoiding the Slender Man who’s stalking you in the woods.

The core gameplay in Slender Man: Hide & SeekRead More

Project Explosion – Download Game

Project Explosion Game Download

Project Explosion is fun physics based puzzle platformer that sees you attempting to survive and escape from slow motion explosions that decimate surrounding structures, sending debris flying everywhere!

Project Explosion features 10 levels in total (including tutorial levels), each of … Read More

Sentinel – Download Game

Sentinel Game Download

Sentinel is a surreal audio/visual experience with puzzle elements, in which you guide a floppy ragdoll body through some beautiful and bizarre visions.

Each playthrough of Sentinel lasts around 6 minutes and offers a rather unsettling but beautiful experience as … Read More

BOXGAME – Download Game

BOXGAME Download

BOXGAME is a gravity-bending three dimensional puzzle platformer in which you attempt to navigate cubic levels in which gravity is always orientated in the direction your character is standing.

Taking place over 15 increasingly complex levels, BOXGAME is a mind … Read More

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