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BOXGAME – Download Game

BOXGAME Download

BOXGAME is a gravity-bending three dimensional puzzle platformer in which you attempt to navigate cubic levels in which gravity is always orientated in the direction your character is standing.

Taking place over 15 increasingly complex levels, BOXGAME is a mind … Read More

Mimics – Download Game

Mimics Game Download

Mimics is a very funny local or online multiplayer game in which you attempt to imitate pictures with your face!

There are a few different game modes in Mimics, suited to online an local multiplayer fun, but the premise … Read More

Floraison – Download Game

Floraison game download

Floraison is a gorgeous little contemplative planet exploration game in which you pilot a ship around three barren planets, spreading life in your wake.

There are some objectives in Floraison but on the whole it’s more of an meditative experience … Read More

Howard Philips Lovecar – Download Game

Howard phillips lovecar game

Howard Phillips Lovecar is a strange and stylish top-down car combat game in which you drive through a desert, blasting as many cultists and Lovecraftian monsters as possible  before your inevitable demise.

Tonight is the night that all cultists gather … Read More

How To Make Your Grandpa Happy – Download Game

how to make your grandpa happy game

How To Make Your Grandpa Happy is a short and heartwarming little puzzle game in which you help arrange the photos in your grandfathers photo album to help cheer him up after a serious health scare.

Taking around five minutes … Read More

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