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Jurassic Explorer – Download Game

Jurassic Explorer is a very impressive fan made project that recreates the iconic park from Jurassic World, allowing players to explore, discover easter eggs and visit some of its spectacular dino-exhibits.

In Jurassic Explorer you can explore five different sections … Read More

Delivery Day – Browser Game

Delivery Day is a surprisingly addictive parcel delivery puzzler from UPS that sees you attempting to match the colored parcel to the houses you’re delivering them to before you run out of time.

Delivery Day plays a little like a … Read More

Trapped: Wayne’s Chamber – Browser Game

Trapped Waynes Room Game

Trapped: Wayne’s Chamber is a funny little room escape game that sees you attempting to solve puzzles, find evidence and avoid being murdered by a serial killer.

In Trapped: Wayne’s Chamber you play a very enthusiastic participant in an escape … Read More

I Have No Mouth and I Must Freeman – Download Game

i have no mouth and must freeman game download

I Have No Mouth and I Must Freeman is a short, stylish and silly Half-Life 3 parody in which Gordon Freeman must only ask the G-man for assistance to escape a doomed space-boat (which is a little tricky considering Gordon’s … Read More

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief – Download Game

Halen Ballad of the Blad thief Game Download

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is a slick third person action platforming adventure with a great sense of humor in which you and a sentient sword attempt to escape from a deadly robot-filled temple.

In Halen: Ballad of the Read More

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