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Tailspin is a challenging and addictive puzzle action platformer where a canary uses a drill as it burrows through a mine system in search of treasure.

Created for Ludum Dare 48 by Team Bugulon (creators of Gunwyrm) Tailspin is a challenging and inventive puzzle action platfomer about a treasure hunting canary with a drill. As you make your way through 20+ levels you’ll collect treasure and battle enemies. You also need to figure out the route through each level as there are locked doors to deal with, once you drill in a direction you won’t stop until you reach the end and your drill can only drill sideways or down (not upwards).

Aside from not being able to drill upwards, your drill is very handy in Tailspin. You can attack enemies with it, burrow through soft walls, use it to wall jump and use it to bounce high off hard surfaces. It’s a very useful little tool and the levels are cleverly designed to make use of its abilities.

It’s an excellent little platformer with tight controls, a great pixel art visual style and well crafted levels that make inventive use of your drilling abilities. A mining platforming adventure well worth digging into.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump, X – Drill

Available On: Windows

Download Tailspin Here

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