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Take Your Pills is an odd little game that plays like Pac-Man on an experimental drug trial – so instead of munching power-pills you’re taking all manner of weird drugs that can have some very strange effects – from reversing the controls to switching the view to first person!

In Take Your Pills you take on the role of a subject in an experimental drug trial. The drugs in question are scattered around randomly generated mazes, with electrocuting floor panels and guards patrolling them. You need to navigate ten mazes while munching as many pills as you can along the way.

After you take a pill you’ll start to feel the effects from them. Some just add visual filters, some can screw with the controls, some are toxic (and should be avoided) and some will even switch your perspective or teleport you to a new maze. After you take a pill you can press the spacebar to bring up a chart that you can use to mark their effects on, helping you to identify the pill the next time you encounter it. You want to avoid the toxic pills as you only have a few lives to make it through the mazes, also you may want to avoid any that have too distracting effects as you need to be able to avoid the traps and guards.

It’s an interesting game that can get quite disorientating as the effects of the various drugs mount up. You’d better be getting paid well for doing those drug trials – some of those pills have some pretty serious side effects!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar/RMB – Identify Drugs

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Take Your Pills Here

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