Takodemon – Browser Game


Takodemon is an ingenious and stylish platformer in which you move a demon with a tricky QWOP-like control scheme, with you expanding different parts of its body by pressing the corresponding keys that spell ‘monster’.

Each key that spells the word ‘monster’ is mapped to a different section of your demons circular body.  Pressing these keys cause the corresponding sections of its body to expand, shifting its weight and causing it to move.  You must use this odd body expanding mechanic to roll your monster over obstacles and squeeze through tight gaps to the goal.

With it’s beautiful silhouetted visuals and wonderfully tricky ‘monster’ controls, Takodemon is a short, sweet roll-em-up that’s well worth checking out.

Controls:  M, O, N, S, T, E, R – Expand Sections Of Your Monster

Available On:  Unity Supported Browsers

Gameplay Video:  Here

Play Takodemon Here

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