Tama-Get-Out – Browser Game

Tama-Get-Out is a quirky little puzzle game where you are a little virtual pet who wants to escape the confines of its plastic prison.

Created for the GMTK game jam, Tama-Get-Out is a creative little five minute game where you get to experience a Tamogotchi from the virtual pet’s point of view. From inside your little prison you can see the face of your captor peering in and if you do things to entertain them then they will drop food in to feed you. Some of that food may even help you escape…

It’s a great little game that does a great job of allowing you to see things from a virtual pet’s perspective. Sadly, it is over all too soon, but it’s a fantastic concept that would be perfect for expanding on. You may think it’s a pain in the ass feeding and caring for a virtual pet, but it’s much less enjoyable for them!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser, Windows, Mac & Linux

Download or Play Tama-Get-Out Here

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