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tamale drive game download

Tamal E:\ Drive is a fun little game in which you carry out Warioware-esque minigames as you attempt to sell pirated DVDs from your Tamale van without getting busted by the police!

In Tamal E:\ Drive you and your buddy are attempting to sell enough pirated DVDs of the latest theatrical releases (Sad Max, Awful Me 3, etc) to make enough cash to go to ‘Pop Culture Con’ that’s taking place next week. To do this you carry out a series of minigames based around pirating DVD’s – downloading movies, burning them to disc, putting them in their cases, selling the odd tamale and giving customers their change.

Each minigame you complete earns you cash that you can put towards your Pop Culture Con trip, but you also have to keep an eye out for the police. The police will appear now and again, either on foot or by car, and before they spot that you’re selling dodgy DVDs you have to press the spacebar to flip your signs and turn your van into an ordinary looking tamale van. You have to leave flipping the signs until the last  moment though, as your customers will lose interest every second the signs are in tamale mode and eventually will all wander off.

It’s a fun game with great artwork and a quirky premise that makes for some fast paced multitasking gameplay. Good luck getting to Pop Culture Con, you’ll need to sell a lot of DVDs to make it there!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Spacebar – Flip Sign, A/D – Move DVD Case in Minigame

Available On: Windows

Download Tamal E:\ Drive Here

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