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Tangent game

Tangent is a beautifully crafted puzzle platformer in which the game world morphs before your very eyes, flipping your feline character through different realities all set within the same little space.

Taking place in a single screen (or room), the core puzzle element in Tangent sees you flipping between realities, activating switches that will open doors in other realities then rushing through these doors before they close. This can prove a little frustrating at times when you just miss a door, but it’s east to forgive the game for this as it’s such a delight to play. The pixel art animation is superb throughout and the reality flipping gameplay makes for some very clever game design.

A unique little space bending puzzle platformer full of charm and inventive gameplay. Well worth checking out for some feline reality flipping fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys -Movement, X – Jump, C – Activate

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Tangent Here

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