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TANKITA download

Tankita is a fun fast paced third person combat game that packed full of voxel based destruction as you drive your cute little tank around blowing up anything that moves (and a few stationary objects too!)

Your aim in Tankita is pretty simple – just drive around completing your objectives (blowing stuff up) while avoiding being blown up yourself. There’s not a lot of depth to the gameplay and there are only two levels, but it’s a joy driving your agile little tank around the levels, blasting anything you see. The combat will really test your reflexes as the enemies are relentless and you only have a set amount of energy (with no regeneration), so you really have to do your utmost to dodge enemy bullets (particularly in the second level).

It’s pretty simple, but Tankita is a fun little game, with some very enjoyable core gameplay that’s great for short blasts of tank driving low poly combat. Perfect for days when you just want to blow sh*t up!

Controls: Controlpad Required

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Tankita Here

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