Tarantula 1955 – Download Game

Tarantula 1955 is an stylish third person horror game based on the cult classic 50’s Tarantula! B-movie, which sees you and two buddies fighting off mutated giant spiders in the Arizona desert.

As in the original movie, Tarantula 1955 takes place in the in the Arizona Desert, in a fictional town called Desert Rock which has become overrun by giant tarantulas following experiments with a growth hormone. You and your two AI buddies must now explore and try to escape as the spiders keep getting bigger and bigger and your chances of survival get smaller and smaller!

The gameplay in Tarantula 1955 is fairly simple and a little buggy, but it REALLY nails the 50’s B-movie vibe. The grainy black and white visual filter works well with the freaky big spider models and combines with the swelling orchestral score to make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the cult classic movie. See how you fare against Tarantula 1955’s massive multi-legged monsters!

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Equip Weapon, LMB – Attack, Shift – Run, F – Heal, Spacebar – Dodge

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Tarantula 1955 Here

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