Tee-riffic Golf – Downloadable Game

Tee-riffic Golf is an excellent little mini-golf game that plays like a blend of Super Monkey Ball and mini-golf as you attempt to beat its creatively designed courses.

The controls in Tee-riffic Golf are simple – you just aim, hold the power button and release at your required power. You also have an ability to control the ball a little after you’ve hit it, allowing you to steer it left or right. Your aim (as in most golf games) is to sink the ball in as few shots as possible. However, the holes are far from traditional…

There are three differently themed courses in Tee-riffic Golf, each containing an assortment of unique holes to beat. The course design is very creative, each one packed full of fun new obstacles to deal with and hidden routes. One minute you may be navigating an ice-rink full of penguins and the next you’ll be being blasted high up into the air by a volcano.

It’s a great little mini-golf game that’s easy to pick up and play, but gives you plenty of room for improvement as you learn the courses and seek a better score. The visuals are beautiful and the courses are incredibly well crafted, with lots of variety and creativity throughout. This is how you do a mini-golf game well.

Controls: Mouse – Aim, LMB – Power, A/D – Aftertouch

Available On: Windows

Download Tee-riffic Golf Here

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