Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread – Downloadable Game

Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread is a short and intense PS1 styled horror game that draws inspiration from a Japanese folktale about a woman who was chopped in half.

In Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread you need to pop over to the 24/7 convenience store to grab some groceries. There are rumors that the infamous “Teke Teke” has been chopping people in half in the area. She is the twisted spirit of a woman who was chopped in half by a train, who now crawls around with a scythe looking for victims. Surely they’re just rumors though. Right???

With a short 15 minute playtime, it’s a great little horror game that does an excellent job of ramping up the tension as you make your fateful grocery trip. The weird way the characters you meet act and strange incidents really set you on edge and Teke Teke lives up to her horrifying legend!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Shift – Run, LMB – Interact, E – Read

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Teke Teke: Moonlit Dread Here

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