Ten Freaky Free Fright Filled Games!

Merry Spooktober one and all! Tis’ the season to be frightful so we’ve pickled ten deliciously dark horror games to sink your fangs into!

Concluse – A surreal and unsettling PS1/VHS styled first person horror game set inside a town called Hell.

Otherworldly – Fast paced and very intense Dungeon Nightmares-esque jump scare horror.

NorthBury Grove – Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque grimy VHS video nasty styled horror adventure.

SEPTEMBER 1999 – Short photorealistic found footage styled horror experience.

Withered – Talk to (and feed) a big freaky eye to uncover some very dark secrets (trigger warning)

A Wonderful Day For Fishing – Beware what you eat in this bizarre Eldritch horror fishing game.

Beherit – Cerebral and atmospheric adventure with cleverly designed puzzles and creepy mannequin monsters.

Ultimate Custom Night – The ultimate Five Nights at Freddy’s Jumpscare Extravaganza.

Goodnight Meowmie – Try to care for your beloved cat in this creepy and emotional blend of virtual pet simulation and stealth horror.

The Bleeding – A super tough CGA-styled retro horror adventure with epic boss fights.

If you’re looking for some more dark delights you can check out our previous years lists here, here and here.

Have a happy Halloween!

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