Ten Terrifying Treats For Halloween!

To celebrate the approach of All Hallows Eve, here are some of your favourite free horror games from the past year.  Hope you like them, have a happy Halloween!

FAITH – Incredibly Intense exorcism adventure that squeezes a surprising amount of terror out of its retro game design!

CHATTERBOX: Escape The Asylum – Very well crafted FMV interactive horror movie!

Midnight Scenes: The Highway – Well crafted little Twilight Zone inspired point and click horror adventure.

The Tomatoes are OK – Super surreal experience that involves tomatoes, a pig and avoiding upsetting your mother!

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode – terrifying first person fan horror that shows the real reason the last FNaF game was cancelled!

Symmetry – Creepypasta inspired first person narrative game with a symmetry obsessed woman whose eyeballs don’t match – not for the squeamish!

Frostbite – Frostbitten Arctic horror inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Yurei Station – beautiful hand painted puzzle adventure inspired by Japanese ghost stories.

Essence.exe – Freaky Mario horror that really gets under your skin.

Bendy and the Ink Machine – Fear the machine in this creepy cartoon horror!

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