Ten Tricks For Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2

Looking for some fabulous, free and freaky games to play this all hallows eve?  We’ve got you covered, with ten of the most horrifyingly fun games we’ve featured this year.  Happy Halloween!

PuniTy – It’s PT reacreated in Unity! Freaky stuff.

The Night That Speaks – Flip monsters the bird!

Virtual Morality – Well made and wonderfully cheesy FMV horror.

Which – Short, stylish puzzle horror adventure with a killer ending.

Shih Ho – Macabre tale of sin, justice, damnation, vampires and love.

Afterglow – Tricky, trippy and terrifying puzzle adventure.

Clown House – Randomly psychotic clowns in a house.

The Thing I Don’t Want To Talk About – Well worth talking about.

TerrorDrome – Video nasty movie legends in a marvellous fighter mash-up.

The Tender Cut – Superb surreal horror does BAD things to eyeballs.

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