Terato Tamer – Browser Game

Terato Tamer is a saucy little adventure where you battle and seduce monsters in turn-based combat.

Created for the GMTK Jam 2020 by aplovestudio (creator of Roseblight and Reversary), Terato Tamer follows the adventure of a hero who’s more interested in screwing monsters than slaying them. It takes place in a fantasy world where The Scarlet Moon has risen and unleashed horrifying monsters across the land. Most people fear the monsters, but you don’t – you’re turned on by them!

You face off against each monster in dice-based combat where you have the choice of either attacking them or flirting with them. If you’re successful with your flirtatious advances then you’ll recruit the monster to your side, allowing you to use their attacks and special perks. You can only have one monster on your side at a time, so figuring out which one is most useful to you can be handy (probably the succubus), especially for the final battle.

The final battle is a little frustrating and unfair, but other than that it’s a delightful little game. The various characters you meet are a lot of fun, the pixel artwork is excellent and it’s packed full of cheeky innuendo. A raunchy dice-based adventure well worth rolling with!

Controls: W/S – Select, Spacebar – Confirm

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Terato Tamer Here

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