Terminal – Download Game

Terminal is a creepy little first person horror game which sees you searching for the perfect match on random floppy disks in a glitchy old computer.

Created for the Disc Room Game Jam, in Terminal you find yourself in a dilapidated concrete room with an old computer and a whole bunch of floppy disks. After figuring out how to boot up the computer and the password to access it you can then get to work searching for your perfect match on the strange corrupted dating profiles that are on the floppy disks. You’d better be fast though – there’s timer ticking away and the computer will find you your perfect match when it reaches zero!

It would be nice if there were multiple endings depending on your disk choices, but on the whole Terminal is a great little horror game with a fun premise. It’s got a very tense atmosphere, the dating profiles are wonderfully weird and there’s a welcome touch of nostalgia as you pick up and use the old floppy disks in the computer. Will you find your perfect match?

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Terminal Here

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