Territory – Browser Game

Territory is a fast paced and very challenging tank-driving arcade game where you attempt to paint the entire map orange without running into a hazard and ruining your tanks.

Visually Territory draws inspiration from Cannon Fodder and Advance Wars, but gameplay-wise it plays like a blend of Pac-Man and Splatoon. Your aim in each level is to try and color as much of the map as possible in orange, which you do by driving over it. However, much like in Pac-Man, your tank is constantly moving, so you can’t stop to plan your movements and have to use precision timing to turn at the right time and avoid the many hazardous obstacles.

You earn awards based on how much of the territory you paint before finishing a level, perhaps most vital of which are Recruits which act as lives. The initial training missions are pretty easy, but once you get into the main missions things get a whole lot tougher – with maps that are filled with deadly hazards and even enemy tanks and other enemy units to deal with.

At the moment (possibly due to it being browser based) there seems to be a very slight delay between pressing pressing a key and your tank responding. In the early levels it’s not too much of a problem, but as the maps get more intricate it can frustrate a little. It shows a lot of promise though, with a beautiful pixel art visual style and addictive arcade gameplay that keeps you coming back for one more go.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Shoot

Available On: All Browsers

Play Territory Here

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