Tetrisweeper – Browser Game

Tetrisweeper is a fun little mash-up that combines two of the most addictive games ever created – Tetris and Minesweeper.

In Tetrisweeper your goal is to arrange blocks into lines and make them disappear as in Tetris, however, to make them disappear you also need to sweep each of the sections for mines and flag any that contain mines.

It really shouldn’t work, but it actually does and it’s remarkably intuitive. The only issue being that if you screw up the placement of a tetromino then you can get into serious trouble fast as it can get a whole lot harder to figure out where the mines are placed!

Controls: WASD – Move Tetrominos, LMB – Reveal Block, RMB – Place Marker

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Tetrisweeper Here

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