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That Blooming Feeling Game

That Blooming Feeling is a beautiful, Zen-like experience in which you play a water spirit that brings life to a baren desert.

That Blooming Feeling doesn’t give you any set objectives or iinstructions of what to do, instead letting the player discover its delights on their own. You control a cute and wobbly little water spirit that youst wanders arounf the desert and can choose a place to explode, spreading your life-giving water across the ground to any plant-life nearby.

There are fun little easter eggs to find and some odd looking characters/animals that you come across, but on the whole it’s all about just relaxing and using your water to create a vibrant little oasis. A cheerful, chilled out little game that revels in the simple joys of growing your own little desert garden.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Play That Blooming Feeling Here

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