That’s Your Jam – Browser Game

That's Your Jam

That’s Your Jam is a fun and surprisingly tricky game in which you attempt to remember the lyrics to well known songs, typing them in word by word.

After searching the extensive database for your favorite song, you’re then presented with a page filled with blank boxes, ready to be filled with words.  Typing a word will cause it to show up in all the relevant places on the page, then you slowly start to build up the lyrics around it.  Your aim is to complete the song within the time limit.

This may sound easy, but even if you’ve heard the song a hundred times it’s surprisingly hard to remember all the lyrics (unless it’s ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk!).

Controls:  Type The Lyrics

Available On:  All Browsers

Note: Yes, you’ve just been Rickrolled!

Play That’s Your Jam Here

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