The 100 Meter Scroll – Browser Game

The 100 Meter Scroll

The 100 Meter Scroll is a punishing test of endurance in which you roll your mouse wheel to race along a full scale 100 meter track as fast as possible.

There’s no scaling at play when you’re rolling your mouse wheel along the 100 meters, it’s pretty much 1:1,  so it can take around 6 minutes of frantic rolling to reach the finish line (for a good time). There are even different techniques you can use such as rolling your whole palm across the wheel or turning the mouse upside down and rolling it along a flat surface. The actual process may not be described as ‘fun’ exactly, but you do get a great sense of achievement when you finally make it past that finish line, and then you can challenge your friends to beat your time!

A real 100 meter dash is generally a test of speed, not stamina, but things get very different when you’re using a mouse wheel to run it!

Controls:  Roll That Wheel!

Available On:  All Browsers

Play The 100 Meter Scroll Here

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