The Abstraction – Downloadable Game

The Abstraction is a surreal physics-based puzzle adventure where you search for something that isn’t real in a library that’s about to close down.

In The Abstraction you are an armless little guy who frequents a library that’s about to shut down. It’s not fully closed yet, but already it feels like something has already gone – The Abstraction. As you search for The Abstraction you wander around, chat to some of the library staff/patrons and solve some puzzles.

It’s a charming and absurd little game with vibrant visuals, interesting characters and plenty of secrets to unearth. You may not understand entirely what is going on, but you can find The Abstraction if you look hard enough!

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Interact, F – Grab

Available On: Windows

Download The Abstraction Here

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