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Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas

The Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas is the silliest, lewdest and crudest game you’ll play this festive season in which you help a flying butt save his friend (Barf) from Satan in a strange blend of puzzle based adventuring and side scrolling shoot ‘em up action.

To give you an idea of the type of ridiculous, profanity-filed gameplay to expect in The Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas, it’s probably best to give a breakdown of what happens in the first five minutes. You talk to a “turkey” who looks suspiciously like a scrotum, you attack a robot santa for cash, you help a flying ass decorate a tree and you summon Satan from one of those dehydrated “just add water and watch it grow” novelty gifts.

It’s safe to say that The Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas is more than a little weird and is certainly NSFW. The core gameplay is broken down into two main types; puzzle based adventuring/exploration and side scrolling shoot em up action. You can collect new hats that change your firepower, and there are some wonderfully OTT boss fights and some super silly twists as you set out to save your buddy Barf.

It’s a bizzare adventure that in many ways feels a lot like an interactive Adult Swim cartoon. A super silly festive adventure full of irreverent humor and ridiculous twists. You will always remember that joyful day that a butt saved Christmas.

Controls: WASD – Movement, L – Clench/Shoot, K – Inhale/Release, I/O – Toggle Hat

Available On: Windows

Tip: To get cash at the beginning, shoot robot Santa in the butt!

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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