The Adventures Of Square – Downloadable Game

adventures of square

The Adventures Of Square is an awesome retro FPS based on the ZDoom engine with fast gameplay, colourful visuals and a great sense of humor that sees you squaring off against some evil circles to rescue Doctor Octogon.

Gameplay is fast, fun and very retro, there’s no stealth or cover shooter mechanics here – it’s all about blasting and strafing as you take on the organisation known as the Circle of Evil.  The beautiful, vibrant visuals of The Adventures Of Square are a particular standout, it’s colourful world makes it one of the happiest and cheery first person shorter you’re likely to play.

From start to finish The Adventures Of Square is a retro infused blast of pure fun that proves it’s hip to be square.

Controls:  WASD – Move,  Mouse – Look,  LMB – Shoot, Scroll Wheel – Cycle Weapons, CTRL – Crouch, CAPS Lock – Toggle Run

Available On: Windows

Check Out A Playthrough Of The First Level Here

Download The Entire First Episode of Adventures Of Square Here

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