The Armoire – Downloadable Game

The Armoire

The Armoire is a tense and creepy gothic point and click adventure in which you play a newlywed bride who starts exploring her husbands mansion while he sleeps one night.

Adapted from a medieval French folktale called Barbe Bleue (but with a more empowered version of the female lead), you play a young bride who is inquisitive about the armoire in the bedroom that your husband always keeps locked, so start exploring the mansion to find the key. The more of the mansion you explore, the more apparent that your beloved husband has some very dark secrets.

The audio and visual design are very impressive throughout The Armoire’s 10 minute playtime, especially the distinctive visual style which makes the whole thing feel like you’re exploring an interactive gothic graphic novel. We’d really recommend finding out what skeletons your husband has in his closet in this stylish little point and click adventure.

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download The Armoire Here

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