The Astronaut – Downloadable Game

the astronaut

The Astronaut is a short 10 minute experience that sees you playing an astronaut called Major Tom, who is told by Ground Control that his spaceship is doomed and he will perish in 10 minutes.

After your ship suffers catastrophic damage, you end up sitting in a tin can, far above the world and there’s noting you can do, but tell your wife you love her very much and make peace with your imminent demise.  In essence it’s a short space-faring experience in which you float around your spacecraft in zero gravity.  There’s noting to interact with other that floating debris that you can nudge out the way, it’s more just about enjoying the narrative and Space Oddity references.

Take your protein pills and strap in for your final voyage.  Your circuit’s dead, can you hear me, Major Tom?

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Q/E – Rotate,  mouse – Look

Available On:  Windows Only

Download The Astronaut Here

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