The Boy in the Book – Browser Game

The Boy in the Book is a remarkable interactive Choose Your Own Adventure about a diary found hidden inside an old Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Part documentary, part game, part Choose Your Own Adventure, The Boy in the Book sees you joining the journey of a Choose Your Own Adventure enthusiast and a documentary crew as they search for answers about a mysterious diary. It’s based on a true story, but much like the books themselves, your choices have a dramatic effect on how it plays out and can lead you to some very different endings.

The story in The Boy in the Book follows Nathan, an avid (and obsessive) Choose Your Own Adventure collector who found a few pages of a diary within a Choose Your Own Adventure book purchased from eBay. The diary is pretty brief, but it’s very touching and paints a rather sad story of an unhappy and unpopular child called Terence Pendergrast. Nathan, a documentary crew and you then embark on your own Choose Your Own Adventure in search of answers and the owner of the diary.

It feels like a love-letter to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, but it also evolves the concept into something that’s so much more. As soon as you read the boy’s long lost diary pages you’re hooked and the story just gets better from there, with plenty of interesting twists, a likeable cast and a great sense of humor. It’s an incredible bit of interactive storytelling that blends books, games and video into a riveting and cleverly crafted adventure. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Boy in the Book Here

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