The Cake is ALIVE – Downloadable Game

The Cake is ALIVE is a fun little Portal parody horror game where you attempt to make your way through a series of booby-trapped test rooms while an AI is actively trying to kill you.

Much like in Portal, in The Cake is ALIVE you are trapped in a strange test facility with cubes, pressure sensors, traps and a gun that fires portals. You’re also accompanied on your adventure by a Cave Johnson-esque human voice and a GLaDOS-esque AI voice. The guy is pretty friendly and helpful, but the GLaDOS substitute is straight up trying to murder you. Time to grab that Portal gun and make your escape!

The Cake is ALIVE is obviously nowhere near as polished as Portal (and the cubes are infuriatingly hard to place where you want them to go), but the booby trap-filled levels and excellent voice acting make up for it. There are some very funny moments and lots of horrible ways to die. GLaDOS would be proud!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB/RMB – Portals, E – Grab

Available On: Windows

Download The Cake is ALIVE Here

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