The Cat Who Did Not Want to Take a Bath – Downloadable Game

the cat who did not want to take a bath

The Cat Who Did Not Want to Take a Bath is a fun little game in which you play a cat who desperately doesn’t want to take a bath, so must avoid your owner for as long as possible, whilst trying to eat lots of tasty fish.

It’s bath time and your owner is looking for you, but everybody knows those big smelly humans are dumb and easy to avoid.  It’s easy to stay out of sight and away from that horrible bath, but there is the temptation of all those tasty fish (or fishez if you prefer) that you’ll have to scurry out from your hiding places to eat.

Your owner wanders the house in a slow and predictable pattern, so if you’re not too greedy you may make it to the end of the day without a bath.  But restraint isn’t a cats strong point so you’re bound to push your fish pilfering too far eventually.  You could probably do with a bath anyway – after all that fish, you’re bound to be a bit smelly!

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look,  Spacebar – Jump

Available On:  Windows & Mac

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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