The Chenny – Downloadable Game


The Chenny is a very strange QWOP-like game that sees you manipulating the muscles on a young girls face to persuade her father to buy her ice cream.

Playable only with a 360 controller, each button, trigger and thumbstick is mapped to a different muscle on the girls face.  You must match the facial expression that are displayed by manipulating her face (which is easier said than done).  Each round that you play, your face gets frozen in that state, with yo able to manipulate it even more the next round, allowing for some very bizarre facial expressions if you experiment a bit with the controller!  It’s a bit like the intro screen on Mario 64, but a whole lot weirder!

Controls: 360 Controller Required – All buttons/triggers + thumbsticks + thumbstick presses Control Facial Muscles

Available On: Windows & Mac

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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