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The Conflux Story is a dark and atmospheric pixel art adventure in which you solve puzzles, battle monsters and talk to your pet dog as you delve deep into a sewer system to find your crush’s lost guitar.

In The Conflux Story you take control of Oliver, a young man with a talking dog and a complex relationship with the girl he likes and ‘friend’ who likes her too. You’re keen to impress the girl and hopefully win her heart, so when the ortunity to find her favorite guitar that she lost down in the sewers presents itself you jump on it. Unfortunately so does your rival, and even more unfortunately the sewers are crawling with monsters.

The Conflux Story Impresses with its excellent pixel art animation, inventive puzzle design, tense atmosphere and intriguing story that takes some interesting twists along the way. A strange, surreal and stylish sewer delving adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action, X – Fire, C – Inventory

Available On: Windows

Download The Conflux Story Here

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