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The Creator is Mean is a whimsical little point and click adventure that follows a little stickman who sets out on a quest to save his love from the mean animator who created him.

In The Creator is Mean you take on the role of a crudely drawn little stick-man whose creator is a bit of an a**hole. In fact he’s such and a**hole that he drew you a girlfriend then printed her out and decided to marry her himself, just to spite you. Using a lot of effort (and the power of love) you manage to escape from the computer screen you were created on and set forth on an adventure in the real world. On your adventure you’ll solve puzzles, meet strange characters and cause an insect genocide, all with the hope of finding your trul love again.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, The Creator is Mean is a wonderful little point and click adventure with a great sense of humor and lots of quirky characters to meet. The way it sets the whole thing in a real-world backdrop is a great touch and it plays with the fact that you’re a little stickman drawing in a human world in some interesting ways.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play The Creator is Mean Here

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