The Curse of Greed – Browser Game

The Curse of Greed is a challenging precision platformer where collecting coins is bad for you – decreasing your maximum health with each one you collect.

Created via the Pico-8 platform, The Curse of Greed is a well crafted precision platforming adventure that forces you to rein in your ‘collect everything you see’ impulses. The game world is packed full of deadly hazards which can kill you, but the worst thing you can touch is the coins – they permanently reduce your maximum health levels, so even if you collect health or respawn you’ll never be able to reach your full health capacity again.

It’s a tough game, especially later on as the level design gets tougher and the cumulative effects of all the coins you’ve collected mounts up. Every jump is possible though and the tight controls allow for some precise movement – so your failure really is just down to incompetence or greed!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Jump

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play The Curse of Greed Here

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