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the curse of issyos download

The Curse of Issyos is a challenging retro 8-bit styled action platformer inspired by Greek mythology, in which you play a fisherman who sets out on a quest to save his daughter from Hades.

On your quest you’ll fight a wide variety of enemies and nine deadly bosses across seven varied levels, all steeped in Greek mythology and filled with secrets to discover.  While many games are content to mimic retro games, but not stick to their limitations, The Curse of Issyos adheres to these limitations and feels very much like an authentic 8-bit action adventure that could easily of been released during the later years of the NES.

The pixel art animation and chip tine soundtrack are both excellent, while the Rastan and Ninja Gaiden-inspired gameplay feels authentically retro too.  It’s a wonderful slice of nostalgic gaming that manages to squeeze plenty of action and spectacle out of it’s 8-bit constraints, making not just a great retro game, but a great game in general.  I’s certainly worth setting out on this old school Greek odyssey.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Attack,  X – Jump

Available On:  Windows Only

Download The Curse Of Issyos Here

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