The Deep Ones – Downloadable Game

The Deep Ones is an atmospheric eldritch horror fishing game where you set out on a little boat and catch mysterious fish from the depths.

Playing a little like a condensed version of Dredge, The Deep Ones is a PS1 styled horror fishing game where you potter about in a little boat and attempt to catch strange fish. The fish you catch can then be sold in a little harbor kiosk in the local town, allowing you to purchase upgrades and special lures. As you progress you unlock new areas and eventually attempt to land a mythical sea creature.

It’s a very addictive game with an eerie atmosphere, an excellent soundtrack and some of the most engaging fishing mechanics you’ll find in a fishing game. Good luck catching that final sea creature though – it’s a toughie!

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download The Deep Ones Here

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