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The Fallen is a short narrative driven experience where every bullet tells a story, as you snipe soldiers in an urban warzone and learn about their lives before they die.

In The Fallen you take on the role of an unnamed combatant in a battle in the Ukraine. After your vehicle is blown up you grab a sniper gun and train your sights on soldiers in the battlefield, but you get a very different feeling each time you pull the trigger in The Fallen than you do in Call of Duty.

Each time you shoot a soldier in The Fallen time slows down and you get a short story about the soldier’s life that you’re about to end. They may be someone who gave up their dreams to provide for their family, a policeman with a passion for folk dancing or a lawyer who watches Peppa Pig with his kids. They’re all normal people who have been succked into this cruel and brual war – and with each bullet you fire you end their lives.

It’s a powerful little experience that makes its point very well. So many shooters gamify war and make killing another human being as meaningless as collecting a coin in a Mario game. War isn’t a game though and real people give up their lives fighting for what they believe in (and in this case, a senseless civil war tainted by nationalism and propaganda).

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Zoom, LMB – Fire

Available on: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download The Fallen Here

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