The Final Pin – Downloadable Game

The Final Pin is a cinematic horror mystery adventure that follows the story of a troubled detective as he attempts to track down a serial killer.

In The Final Pin you are a detective who works in a town that’s being plagued by a serial killer called the Crow Killer. Your story takes place over the course of several years and sees you becoming more obsessed with him as the bodies pile up, much to the detriment of your homelife.

Taking around 1-2 hours to play through, The Final Pin is a very slow paced game with lots of locations to visit and deliberate storytelling. It does drag on a bit too much during the middle, but it’s an impressive game nonetheless, with well crafted environments, quirky characters and full voice acting. See if you can unmask the Crow Killer!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download The Final Pin Here

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