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The Forgotten Day

The Forgotten Day is a charming and challenging minimalist action RTS in which you build up an army of tiny robots and command them as they explore a dead ancient civilization.

Important Note: Part of the joy of The Forgotten Day is discovering how the game works, so if you don’t want anything spoiled we’d recommend just playing it now.

Still here? Ok then! In The Forgotten Day you start off as a single small robot on a strange dead planet. You can explore the land around you and collect pieces of scrap which can be used in your base to unlock upgrades and purchase new robots.

You build up a small robot army and lead them to new locations and even swap leaders. However, all the while you’ll also have to contend with hordes of deadly red robots that roam the land. Defeat them and you’ll collect scrap which can be used back at your base, but fail and it’ll be you that’s turned to scrap!

The overall goal of The Forgotten Day is to destroy the five enemy bases and carry the fires of each back to your base. This is easier said than done though as with each fire collected the red robot threat increases. It’s a tough little game, but it’s a great minimalist take on the RTS genre, the pixel art animation is excellent and it’s a joy figuring out how to interact with the world. An RTS to remember.

Controls: WASD – Movement, LMB – Fire, Spacebar – Call Friends, RMB – Swap Leaders

Available On: Windows Only

Download The Forgotten Day Here

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