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The Founder game

The Founder is an easily accessible, but surprisingly deep browser based business management sim set in a dystopian world where the dot com bubble well and truly popped.

In The Founder you start off with a small Silicon Valley-style tech business comprising of you and a co-founder. Your aim is to build up your business from a tiny little start up into a world conquering mega-corporation by releasing products and conquering the market place to gain the biggest market share possible (and the biggest profits).

It eases you into the game pretty gently, feeling fondly reminiscent of Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story at times, but once you get into it there’s a LOT more depth to The Founder. There’s a wide range of research, advertising, perks, staff, offices and products to invest in. The core gameplay revolves around creating a product and bringing it to market. There’s a wide range of ways that you can make your product more effective in the marketplace, raising it’s stats for what is effectively a turn based tactical minigame in which you attempt to gain more market share than your closest rival.

It’s a very addictive game with some inventive bits of game design and far more depth than you’d initially expect from a browser based management sim. A very impressive business management sim we highly recommend starting up!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Founder Here

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  1. Small bit of advice, best not to rely on only ever recruiting from “ask a friend” as certain random event tasks require marketing, and if you only have a team of 1’s, your gonna get your ass handed to ya over and over again, though luckily so far the early game random events only really effect the outrage meter.. BUT, the patent troll on the other hand will drain you of 2million if you don’t have the marketing skills to match

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