The Glitch Wikipedia Game – Browser Game

The Glitch Wikipedia Game is a fun little Wikipedia based game that sees you attempting to find a path from one randomly selected Wikipedia article to another non-related article in as few steps as possible.

The Glitch Wikipedia Game is pretty similar to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game in proving how interconnected the world is. The rules are simple – you are given a random starter article and must navigate the links through other wikipedia pages to reach the goal article that you are given. So you may have to try and navigate from Robin Hood to Ancient Rome or from Donald Trump to Socrates, carefully selecting the links in each page to steer you towards your goal.

It’s an oddly addictive game and it can be surprising how quick you can get from one subject to another – such as getting from Elizabeth I of England to the LA Lakers in just 4 steps or from Iron Maiden to Mike Tyson in 7. It’s a small world!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Wikipedia Game Here

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