The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker – Download Game

The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker is a fun little incremental clicker that sees you building a quiz team and using the internet to search for the answers of some very tricky trivia questions.

The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker is an acompaniment to the Great Midwest Trivia Contest – the world longest trivia contest, which takes place over the course of 50 hours, starting today (January 25th) at 10:00pm CST. You can listen along live here and you can even register your team by calling into (920) 832-7148 (there are more details on the game’s download page).

The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker is separate from the main quiz, but you will earn an extra 40 points towards your Contest score by playing it. In the game you click and earn upgrades much like any other clicker, but once you earn enough cash you can also purchase questions. These questions are the type of questions you get in the main contest and can be extremeley tough and are deliberately un-Googleable (such as the question in the GIF above)

It’s an addictive little clicker, which doesn’t take too long to play through, but it’s the trivia questions that are the real attraction. You’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure them out and the advanced search options in Google and YouTube will be your best friends. Can you crack the The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download The Great Midwest Trivia Clicker Here

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