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The Grit

The Grit is a dark and moody pixel art adventure set in crime-riddled city, in which you play an ordinary man, with a gun, looking for vengeance.

Although you have a gun, this is no 2D shooter, The Grit is a narrative based adventure in which you stroll through the city, encountering violent crime and deciding whether or not to do anything about it.  For example, if you encounter someone getting mugged on the street, you can just ignore it and walk on by, or intervene, by threatening, pulling a gun, wounding or even killing the attacker.  The choice is entirely up to you, these people are obviously scum, but do they deserve to die?  From muggers to rapists, each encounter serves as a dilemma, as you effectively bring your own brand of vigilante justice to the streets, becoming judge, jury and executioner.

There is a reason your character is out for vengeance, and whether he gets it is up to you, with a choice of endings, you’ll have to decide what’s more important – redemption or revenge.  A full playthough takes around 10 minutes, and although it doesn’t currently have a soundtrack, it still manages to pull you in with it’s cool atmosphere and gritty storyline.  A wonderfully dark tale of vengeance and vigilantism.

Controls:  D -Move Forward,  Mouse – Select Actions

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Unity Supported Browser

Note:  The Grit currently doesn’t have a soundtrack, so we’d recommend putting on this (A Real Hero from the Drive Soundtrack)

Check Out a Playthough Synced With Our Preferred Soundtrack Here

Download Or Play In a Unity Supported Browser Here (RMB For Fullscreen)

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  1. Pretty cool; what Police Quest should have been. But is there a way to save/reload? I messed up in the later section.

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