The Hair In The Wall – Downloadable Game

the hair in the wall

The Hair In The Wall is a short and surreal horror experience that descends into madness and obsession as you notice a strange hair in the wall of your new house, which keeps mysteriously re-appearing.

You’ve just moved into a new house and started a new life with a new job. Everything is going perfectly, until you notice a strange hair in one of the basement walls. Each time you remove it, it mysteriously re-appears – the same hair, in the same place, over and over again – are you going mad?  Will you ever get rid of that hair in this short and unsettling descent into madness?

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  Windows Only

Download The Hair in The Wall Here

1 thought on “The Hair In The Wall – Downloadable Game”

  1. Andrea Pignataro

    The game just got a sound enhancement update.
    Remember to use headphones.
    Same download link = New version

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