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The Heat of Battle is a funny little adventure that sees the protagonists of two very different video games sent to the wrong games.

In The Heat of Battle you take control of two video game characters who work for Protagonists Limited – an agency whist casts characters for video games. One character is an adorable little bunny called Bunny Amour who mainly works on dating sims, while the other is Meat McBeef, a musclebound headcase who’s famous for his roles in the Shooty Bang Man series.

After a mix up at the agency Bunny Amour and Meat McBeef are sent to the wrong jobs – so Bunny is sent to a gritty set filled with soldiers who were supposed to be cannon fodder and Meat is sent to the set of a bunny dating sim. Bunny promptly befriends the soldiers and starts trying to help them find love, but as for Meat, releasing a homicidal maniac onto the set of a cute bunny dating sim is always going to end badly…

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, The Heat of Battle is a funny little game, with great pixel art visuals, a great premise and a super silly sense of humor. It’s fun seeing how two very different protagonists fare in their unfamiliar surroundings, though Meat clearly has some serious issues he needs to work through!

Controls: Mouse& Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download The Heat of Battle Here

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